Good Sons Don’t Just Happen: Insights on Raising Boys from the Mother of 10 Sons

Author: Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats

ISBN: 978-0-9763294-1-1

Softcover: 240 pages

Product Dimensions: 8” x 5”

Shipping Weight: 10 ounces

List Price: $14.95

Published: 2009

Good Sons Don’t Just Happen—the book that acknowledges, appreciates, and celebrates that boys are boys by the mother of 10 sons!

Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats shares her adventure of raising ten sons from strong, successful and spirited boys into strong, successful, and spirited men—boys and men who are loving, respectful, responsible, well-educated, and faith-filled. Cathy motivates, encourages, and inspires moms through practical wisdom learned in the school of life. You will feel uplifted and confident as you embrace the awesome responsibility of providing the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual tools a son needs to be successful in a challenging and demanding society. Acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate along with Cathy that boys are boys!


“Many thanks to Cathy Garcia-Prats for giving us another inside look at raising sons successfully. At a time when science is proving and people are remembering that boys are different, Cathy gives practical, personal advice to parents, especially moms, on helping boys become manly, competent, considerate men, whatever their personality. Her story demonstrates the perennial truth that personal fulfillment comes from loving and serving others and, when they are your sons, teaching them to love and serve others.”

—William J. Holden, Jr., M.D., Houston Pediatrician

“This book is a gentle, loving conversation between the reader and the author about raising sons to become all that God has intended. Each time I read it my head keeps bobbing up and down and the smile stays on my face. Good Sons Don’t Just Happen has love all over and through it—Cathy’s and God’s. It is a gift.”

—Constance Clancy, LMSW

Coordinator, Parent Resource Services, Family Services of Greater Houston

“Cathy Garcia-Prats has rolled 237 collective years of childrearing experience under one cover. She provides an excellent, practical approach to raising sons to be respectful, responsible, caring men for the new millennium, reminding us that Good Sons Don’t Just Happen—it takes hard work. I highly recommend this book to all parents—it contains the recipe for successful parenting.”

—Ann Doyle Boehm, Dallas, TX, wife of Rodney and mother of 5 sons and a daughter

Good Families Don’t Just Happen: What we learned from raising our 10 sons and how it can work for you

Authors: Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats & Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D.

ISBN 10: 0-9763294-0-9

ISBN 13: 978-0-9763294-0-4

Softcover: 264 pages

Product Dimensions: 8’ x 5”

Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces

List Price: $14.95

Published: 2005

The book that shows you how to create the family life you want—by parents who’ve learned by raising ten sons!

Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats and Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D. would be remarkable if only for the fact that they have ten sons. But what’s really impressive is that they’ve succeeded at raising ten “good son” who are not only successful at their studies and sports—but are respectful, compassionate, and responsible—and active participants in the nurturing, cooperative, mutually-supportive “working together” that helps families thrive.

Good Families Don’t Just Happen is their program for creating a happy, organized family-despite the inevitable conflicts, crises, and sacrifices that all families encounter. With simple advice and easy-to-follow principles that help you make your family run as smoothly as a well-managed organization, they provide the tools and the inspiration you need to create your own “good family.”


“Good families are created by faith, love, and effort. That is the message of this comprehensive, excellent book written by a Catholic couple on coping with a large family.” —Patricia Spencer Arlington Herald

“In a time when many parents seem stretched to their limits coping with just one or two children, Cathy and Joe Garcia-Prats have lovingly filled their home with ten sons. They have written a book, Good Families Don’t Just Happen, which shares their parenting expertise and philosophies. Yet the news is not only that they have a lot of sons—they have 10 well-mannered and responsible sons. Self-respect and respect for others are building blocks of their child-raising theories. Even more remarkable, Cathy and Joe have maintained their sanity, sense of humor, and loving relationship.”

—Dawn Dorsey City Life

Good Marriages Don’t Just Happen

Author: Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats & Joseph A Garcia-Prats, M.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9763294-2-8

Hardback: 272 pages

Product Dimensions: 8’ x 5”

Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs.

List Price: $14.95

Published: 2000

Discover or rediscover how to build and sustain a good marriage. For Cathy and Joseph Garcia-Prats, marriage is the ultimate adventure. Good Marriages Don’t Just Happen reveals that building a loving, lasting, joy-filled relationship entails effort and constant commitment by both spouses. The Garcia-Prats honestly reveal the struggles they have had in their relationship, as well as the joys and challenges of parenting. They share how they balance individual, spousal, parenting, and career demands. Through it all, their love, commitment, and willingness to forgive have sustained their marriage. This is the inspirational story of a married couple with a message for everyone who wants a rewarding relationship.


“What a wonderful, truly inspiring book—written by real people. Who happened to have ten kids. And still put their marriage first! (Now you have no excuses.) It’s a great read, written not from a therapist’s or “expert’s” view but from regular people, who by virtue of living it, become real experts. Indulge yourselves.”

Marriage magazine

“I recommend this book to any engaged or married couple who are looking for a detailed road map to make their marriage journey a success. Joe and Cathy’s growth in loving God is the key to the growth of their marriage and family. This is, in every way, a good book.” —Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago

“Never dull or preachy, the Garcia-Prats have written an encyclopedia of information on the art of having a good marriage. This book is a must read whether couples are newly engaged or well into an established marriage.”

—Peg Carmack Short Becoming Family magazine